I speak about the wild and wonderful challenges of applying design skills to complex challenges, with a focus on UX research, design sprints and workshop facilitation.

Public speaking is externalizing what I've learned and contributing to a bigger discussion about how to create more impact through our work. My biggest stage so far was the global Interaction conference hosted by IxDA. The smallest was a meetup at our studio office. Both were great fun.

If you're interested in having me speak at your event, get in touch.


Recorded talks

At Interaction 18 organized by the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), talking about using design sprints for transformation at scale.

At MuseumNext in 2012, presenting a case study of the museum coupon app MuPon.

At Google Design Sprint I/O 2019, French chapter, talking about how to orchestrate multiple design sprints.



Google Design Sprint Conference - Boulder, Colorado
I ran a deep dive session with Milan Guenther about enterprise design sprints. Slides and material available.

Intersection 19
In September 2019 in Lisbon, I presented a customer experience case study with Mael Inizan. Slides available.

Inaugural event for Write The Docs Paris chapter
I shared three stories from my experience in corporate Japan that shaped my understanding of the act of documentation.

Google Design Sprint Conference - Paris
In April 2019, I gave a talk about “Orchestrating multiple design sprints”. Slides available.

World Information Architecture Day 2019
In February 2019 during the Hong Kong edition of WIAD, I gave an introductory workshop about design sprints under the global theme 'design for difference'.

Design sprints and cross-cultural innovation
In October 2018 at Google's Design Sprint Conference in San Francisco.
I shared about my experiences with design sprints across cultures and languages.

Design Meets Improv workshop
I led a half-day workshop for the Applied Improvisation Network Conference 2018 with Alexandre Simon and Bård Brænde, where 25 improv practitioners explored the role that improv could play in the design process.

Delivering more impact through UX research
In April 2018 at Umami Talk in Brussels, Belgium
Here's the event write-up.

Design to Ignite — Design sprints for transformation at scale (with Milan Guenther)
In February 2018 at IxDA Interaction 18 in Lyon, France
In March 2018 at Innovation, Business Change and Transformation Conference Europe 2018 in London
In April 2018 at IxDA Oslo in Oslo, Norway

Working across cultures, and the role that intercultural exchange plays in innovation
In November 2017 at Intercultural Innovation Meetup in Lille, France

Design Sprints at Scale
In July 2017 for UX Paris / IxDA Paris
A salon version in Summer 2017 for Ride the Lightning in Tokyo
In November 2017 for Lean Kanban France

What we talk about when we talk about chatbots at AQ
In July 2016 for Ride the Lightning in Tokyo

User research as a team sport
Intrepreneurship Conference 2016 organized by NUMA in Paris

Let's talk about users - why do qualitative research
2016 Enterprise Design Retreat in Iceland

On distributed teams, multilingual collaboration and the power of facilitation
2016 UX Jam in Tokyo

Anatomy of a workshop: how to design, prepare for and facilitate workshops
2016 self-organized event at Laptop in Paris

Content strategy for digital practitioners
SwapSkills #05 in Tokyo

Designing the museum coupon app MuPon
MuseumNext 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

Designing the onboarding experience
UXcamp Europe 2012 in Berlin, Germany