Covering the CrossFit scene in Asia

Very early in my CrossFit journey, I became obsessed passionate about reading the CrossFit Journal, watching YouTube tutorials and competition footage, and following conversations on the various forums and platforms. The quantity and quality of online content about CrossFit is mind-boggling but it always bothered me that there was a language barrier for my fellow Japanese CrossFitters.

One thing led to another, and I became a contributing writer for the CrossFit Media team in 2013-2014. It came with the chance to interview top athletes in the Asia region. Here's a list of my articles that were published on the CrossFit Games website:

My stint also included a whirlwind weekend for the 2014 Asia Regional competition in Seoul, taking play-by-play notes and gathering athlete quotes to feed content to the writers. Great times.

I was also the resident blogger for Chikara CrossFit, my home box in Tokyo, where I published bilingual interviews of Chikara athletes and translated the Open and Regional workouts for the greater Japanese CrossFit community.