I am available for consulting and project work, with a preference for joining intercultural teams that seek immediate value and continuous exploration.

It tends to happen in two scenarios:

Parachute in to help creative agencies in a pinch

After two years of dev ops and a decade on the front lines of client services, I have become very good at triage. Project leads and account managers call me in when they can't hear themselves think.

We sit down for work sessions to:

  • Turn seemingly-disparate requests into reasonable ideas
  • Shape proposals or re-jigger project plans
  • Identify gaps in content strategy or IA
  • Explore multiple product directions and sketch a cohesive set of features
  • Pull together a rough agenda for a workshop
  • Give enough direction for project members to run in the right direction

Join a team embarking on an ambitious adventure

I have a broad range of skills, and enjoy going between high level strategy and the details of execution. I usually start in a designer, researcher or facilitator capacity, which morphs into something bigger. That's fun.

I'm a team player that fuels all engines to get things done, thanks to:

  • An enormous capacity to seek and synthesize information
  • High tolerance for ambiguity (and none for egos and posturing)
  • A knack for knowing what method to try
  • The ability to read a room
  • Good communication hygiene

Let's talk.

If that was too meta, here's a more conventional list of capabilities.

My availability is limited but I'm always up for a new challenge. Let me know if you have a good one.