Design Research Tokyo


I co-founded Design Research Tokyo with Johnny Linnert in November 2018 to create opportunities for Tokyo’s nascent practitioner community to gather and grow together.

While I’m not often physically present for the events, I work remotely with the organizing team for each one.


Want to get involved?

Suggest a topic or speaker.
Please shoot me an e-mail. You can suggest yourself, too.

Are you a researcher visiting Tokyo?
Get in touch - we love meeting new people. Let's coordinate a coffee or maybe even a meetup.

Join an upcoming event.
DRT is an English-friendly community. Don't worry if you're not fluent in Japanese.

Sponsor an event
We welcome offers for venues in central Tokyo, esp. if you'll manage the catering expenses, too. In exchange, we can provide excellent reach to the design/research scene.



Season One (November 2018 - June 2019)

  • Episode 1: Getting to know each other, hosted by AQ
  • Episode 2: Scaling research, hosted by Twitter Japan
  • Episode 3: War stories workshop, hosted by Yahoo! Japan
  • Episode 4: Talk by Jan Chipchase
  • Episode 5: Research for product development, hosted by Google Japan
  • Episode 6: Designing research organizations, hosted by DMM
  • Bookclub: Practical Empathy

What is ResearchOps? Tokyo workshop
The ResearchOps community ran a global series of workshops to explore the topic of operationalizing research and we organized the Tokyo edition as a half-day, English-Japanese bilingual workshop with 30 participants. It generated so much energy, we turned it into Design Research Tokyo a few month later.